go play, da world iz our playground . . . shaka \nm/

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a few things i’ve learned on dis ride.

  • hard work pays off in da form of progress. i was 1.5-2 hours behind my riding buddies who’ve been riding a lot longer den i was wen i first started. now i’m at pace or even smoking dem up these hill climbs.
  • i once rode wit a person who’s been riding for well over thirty years. he sed ”don’t forget to look around.” i sed okay thinking he meant to be cautious and watch for crazy drivers. wat he meant was to take da time as often as possible to enjoy da scenery and not get caught up wit da ride itself. a stop and smell da roses type of metaphor. so every time i start to feel an unbearable pain, i look around and smile to get past it mentally. i could be living in a slum, behind bars, high on drugs, gang banging, dead, or hung over from da night before, but i’m not…i’m on a mutha phucken bike!!!
  • nutrition is key to a successful ride. i didn’t feel fatigued or tired, but i did feel exhausted after a 30.71 mile bike ride, (5 min. jump rope intervals wit a minute rest in between) x5, and a regular day at work including bike commute.
  • wen i first had da thought of riding a bike to da top of haleakala’s summit, i thought dis has got to be one of da most stupidest ideas i might hav ever come up wit. after yesterdays ride, i’m confident dat i can make it up da mountain one pedal at a time come august 25th.
  • hated hills at first, but my feelings hav changed and i welcome da challenge.
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